Mila D'Opiz Swiss Beauty, Switzerland

Royal Cosmetics has added to its line of products and is now proud to be the exclusive distributor of Mila D'Opiz Swiss Beauty products.

For more than 70 years Mila D'Opiz have dedicated themselved to skn care at the highest level. Their products are innovative and of the highest quality - allergan proof and not animal tested.

Farmavita, Milan,Italy –

A new technology of hair colours that contain sunflower extracts, with less ammonia, no irritation or itchiness, 100% coverage of grey, for long lasting colour (even the reds) and more shine. Our auxiliary and finishing products are of excellent quality.

bdr (Beauty Derma Repair)/Goldeneye, Germany -

bdr technology intensively reactivates the reconstruction of the skin, even in cases of deep lines and skin function disorders. The interaction of technology and the specially developed dermaceutical active ingredients means that the auto-regenerative process is activated directly in the skin areas affected.

Mineral Care, Israel -

Has a unique formulation of mineral-based products for face and body that combines aromatherapy with high technology. The products contain natural ingredients such as Dead Sea minerals, olive oil, green tea, vitamins, marine algae, plant extracts, essential oils, hyaluronic acid, argireline complex (hexapeptides) and more.

The Gold Line, Israel -

Offers specialty products such as Glycolic Peel, Skin and Eye Brightening Cream, and more.

We offer our professional and retail size products to hair salons & stylists, estheticians, spas & schools at very competitive prices. Our products are designed to suit a variety of Hair Salons & Spa treatments including massage and body wraps. 

Mineral Care and the Gold Line products have been manufactured in Israel since the early fifties and are marketed worldwide. They do not contain animal by products and are not tested on animals. The formulas have been dermatologically tested and clinically approved. Farmavita, Italy has been manufacturing its hair products for more then 30 years.