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Who Was Mila D'Opiz?

Mila Opitz, born Altherr — the „true“ Mila d’Opiz.

mdo.jpgBorn 1903 in Trogen, Switzerland, Emilie, called Mila, was a bright child with a great desire to learn. She loved to go to school and was, as many other girls of her time, a big help to her mother. In 1925 she had worked herself up to a leading employee in a grocery store. Her eagerness to learn and her ambition brought her to France to an aristocratic family where she served as governess of the children, improving her knowledge of the French language at the same time. In 1929 Emilie Altherr married Friedrich-Wilhelm Opitz. Her husband’s professional field brought Madame Opitz to the idea of her lifework. The merchant Opitz, from Schaffhausen / Switzerland, worked in the world of medical and pharmaceutical research. One of his research scientists convinced the young woman of the efficiency of innovative skin care products. The idea of creating her own products was born. Thus, the foundation stone of today’s products had been laid by Mila Opitz in 1938 – at that time known under the product name MILOPA. The hormonal creams developed by Mila Opitz brought her respect and acknowledgment from the circle of international skin care experts. Her hard work and disposition to risk made her into one of the most important Swiss pioneers of the Anti - Aging Cosmetic. In 1956 Mila Opitz handed over the direction of the company to her son in law, Wolf Studer. Mila Opitz passed away on October 7th 1989, but her cosmetic line “Mila d’Opiz” continues to thrive.