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The Vegan Green Caviar


Originating from Japan's Okinawa Islands, "green caviar" or "sea grape" is a type of algae (Caulerpa algae) which has one of the highest nutrient densities of all plants. Green caviar is not just a new super food but also a newly uncovered beauty secret.When combined with the right super ingredients, Green caviar, has not only health benefits but also ground-breaking anti-ageing properties for our skin. The algae facilitate sensational improvements to anti-ageing care solutions. These aquatic plants, absorb valuable nutrients such as amino acids, minerals, micronutrients, vitamins, polyphenols and flavonoids from the salt water and in comparison with land plants, can store these compounds at a concentration that is up to 1000 times greater. It has been determined that green caviar applied to the skin can in fact promote collagen synthesis processes.