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Cosmetics. Innovative by nature
The abiding Mila d’Opiz company vision is to provide as many people as possible with the means of making them feel good about their skin.

More than just a nice feeling. The brand - Mila d'Opiz
A brand is a promise. A promise to the client and to the future. The brand values of Mila d'Opiz define the promise: ever higher Quality, Naturalness, Modernity, Care and Beauty.

How Mila d'Opiz will become ever better. Quality
Quality has always played a central role for Mila d'Opiz. Quality shows in the product itself, in the high value ingredients and their formulation. Mila d'Opiz is synonymous with the highest quality.

What your skin needs. Naturalness
Naturalness is also central to Mila d'Opiz. It is given meaning through the active ingredients and raw materials used and the production procedures we employ. Naturalness can be seen in the way we listen to the wishes of our customers and our trade partners across the world.

Why we continue to develop. Modernity
As the founder of Mila d'Opiz revolutionised her then market she laid the foundations for modernity. Our Development department and specialists search continuously for innovative techniques and ingredients. Progressive thinking is what Mila d'Opiz is all about.