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For Professionals Only - Free Seminars and Demonstrations at Your Location

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We all know that the beauty industry is flooded with hundreds of different skin care and hair products. Whatever products you carry or use today, Royal Cosmetics wants to demonstrate the benefits and results you and your clients can experience with our high-end and competitively priced Swiss and German products.

Whether you're familiar with our products or not, this a fantastic opportunity to help you grow your business by adding a new line or improving your knowledge and techniques when using these products.

We're delighted to bring our free seminars and demonstrations to a location that's convenient for you: your spa or home-base location.

Royal Cosmetics is now offering 3-hour training sessions on our products and treatment techniques including Mila D'Opiz Swiss Beauty and bdr microneedling systems (Re-volution Pro System), e-Masks and skin care products.

This one on one training is also available at our location in Vaughan (Thornhill).

To book your appointment or for additional information, please contact us.

*Minimum purchase of $300 is required.